Criminal Investigation Division

The Chelsea Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) investigates criminal activity that occurs in the city of Chelsea or has an effect on the City of Chelsea and its citizens. The Criminal Investigation Division works closely with investigators from the state police, federal agencies, and surrounding cities and towns in sharing resources, personnel, and information. CID personnel are also affiliated with several task forces that have been established to address specific types of crimes, such as narcotics distribution, gang violence, prostitution, sexual assault, burglaries, bank robberies, car theft, computer or cyber-crime, financial crimes as well as warrant apprehension.  The division is under the command of Captain Thomas McLain and currently has fourteen (14) investigators.
First Name Last Name Rank Phone
Thomas McLain Captain (617) 466-4831
Daniel Delaney Lieutenant (617) 466-4800
Anthony D'Alba Sergeant (617) 466-4825
Myles Coen Sr. Sergeant (617) 466-4832
Rosalba Medina Detective (617) 466-4823
Luis Rodriguez Detective
Richard Laft Detective (617) 466-4867
Jose Torres, Jr. Detective (617) 466-4860
Fernando Camacho Detective (617) 488-4830
Keith Sweeney Detective (617) 466-4828
Jose Rodriguez Detective (617) 466-4862
Deryn Diorio Detective (617) 466-4829
Taisha Santiago Detective (617) 466-4861
Thomas Broman Detective
Mike Noone Sergeant (617) 466-4800
Stephen Garcia Patrolman (617) 466-4800