Community Services

The Community Services Division consists of two lieutenants, a sergeant, eight patrol officer’s, and a full-time animal control officer. The unit is currently under the command of Captain David Rizzuto

Captain David Rizzuto oversees the Chelsea Police Community Services Division

The Community Services Division works closely with the city’s schools, residents, businesses and community outreach organizations in order to set the priorities for the police department. The division oversees several operations including the School Resource Officer Initiative and the Resident Officer Program. Additionally the Community Services Division oversees the Traffic Enforcement Unit, the Court Prosecutor and the Animal Control Officer.

The School Resource Officer Initiative places Chelsea police officers in various schools throughout the city. Currently, Officer's Daniels and Batchelor Jr. are assigned to the schools. The goal of the program is to increase safety in the schools and foster the spirit of openness between the police department and the city’s youth.

The Resident Officer Program is a partnership between the Chelsea Police Department and the Chelsea Housing Authority. The program provides a police presence in the city’s various public housing developments. The purpose of the program is to help deter crime while at the same time fostering a partnership between the officer and his neighbors in recognizing and eliminating issues that effect quality of life. In exchange for a reduced rent, officers attend and facilitate monthly crime-watch meetings, attend development functions, and provides information and assistance to staff and residents related to illegal activity in and around the development.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit is responsible for the control and education of the motoring public as it pertains to the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the ordinances of the city. The unit’s main directive is to create a safe environment for the citizens of Chelsea and those who visit or work here.

The Court Prosecutor acts as the Department’s liaison in all matters that relate to the district court.

The Animal Control Officer is charged with all facets of dealing with domesticated and wild animals throughout the city.

Captain David Rizzuto